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Become a Legal Observer



Learn how to a watchdog against police brutality and civil liberties violations for upcoming immigration rallies and protest marches.---

On July 29 nationwide marches will be underway as hundreds of thousands of citizens take to the street to protest Arizona’s controversial immigration law and to rally against other state’s taking up a similar law. With thousands of people converging to protest such a divisive issue, the ACLU of Utah need folks who can attend the rallies and protests and observe the behavior of law enforcement to make sure no civil liberties are violated for any participants.

By being simple witnesses that take notes or record audio of video of protests legal observers can stand as deterring witnesses to any questionable law enforcement behavior. Training is the day before but if you can’t make it to the rally on the 29th getting free training now will mean you can be called on to witness other rallies and events in the future.

So come learn the basics of legal observing through video instruction, discussion and role playing scenarios: Wednesday July 28 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the ACLU of Utah office, 355 N. 300 West.

RSVP's are required so that there are enough packets available for participants so to reserve your spot, email  or call 801-521-9862 ext. 101 


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