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Scotch Made Simple


Curious about scotch? Wondering why so many different regions of Scotland produce unique flavors and characteristics? ---Want to taste the difference between a 12-year scotch and a single malt scotch whiskey?

Donovan's Steak & Chop House, in partnership with The Virtual Sommelier, James Santangelo, will host "Scotch Made Simple," a specialty scotch class for those interested in learning the finer points of scotch tasting on Thursday, July 29, from 6:30-8:30pm.

Scotch from the Highlands, Islay and other regions will be tasted -- a great opportunity for the beverage or restaurant professional or casual enthusiast to discover the secrets of scotch.

The cost for the class is $50 per person. For more information and reservations, call 801-359-4464.

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