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Your favorite Salt Lake experience



I have a reporter-friend visiting from Las Vegas who is going to hang out for a couple of days in Salt Lake City and possibly do a story for a local alternative paper back home on the sights and sounds of our fair metropolis. After four years of 'Best of Utah' you'd think I'd automatically pump out a to-do list for him, but information overload has apparently left me paralysed.---

Indeed my mind is a complete blank. I suppose once we start pacing through downtown, I will discover the gems that as yet elude me, but what if I don't? What if I end up in Temple Square, scratching my head and wondering what the hell to show this poor bastard who's come all this way only to end up, one friend jack-mormon friend warns, having his name and contact details taken down by an enthusiastic Mormon sister and harassed by Las Vegas-assigned missionaries ever more.

So a question. Are there places you like to take out-of-towners to see simply because they mean something to you, because they are special in some way? I don't want to show him just the traditional sights, but rather give him that insider's glimpse of the complexities and oddities of life here. How do you begin explaining life in Salt Lake City to an outsider in less than 1,000 words? I confess I'm somewhat stumped.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. 





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