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Open Container Update: Down, Set, Debate!


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"He hates music, football and sex, in no particular order, and he is no fun at all." —Hunter S. Thompson ---

A couple of weeks ago, or maybe it was sometime in the '90s, Rep. Jason Chaffetz spoke against resolutions recognizing sports teams as a waste of time. Since then, Chaffetz has spoken about his opposition to these time wasters multiple times, he has been on cable news, he has tweeted about it. I'm guessing that anybody who has been a dinner guest of Chaffetz has been berated by how much of a time waster these resolutions are, and that they should stop. (Unrelated, but does Chaffetz have dinner guests on his cot? And if so, what does he serve? Microwaved ramen?)

There's an old adage of mine: Anytime somebody stands up to speak in public and says, "I'll be brief," book at least 30 minutes. More often than not, they actually spent five minutes telling how they are going to be brief. This is what this sports thing has become with Chaffetz: he wants to stop wasting time, but he is wasting a lot of time trying to stop it. It's a treadmill, Jason. Yes, it's winning you some fans, but I'm not one of them.

I also don't get it. The elected representatives of the people cannot, once in awhile, recognize said people for accomplishments? But, really, it all makes sense, and here's why: Chaffetz was a place-kicker for BYU. That screams "I don't know how to have fun." As an athlete, he spent his entire life trying not to screw up. Also, he went to BYU. 'Nuff said, there.

Now, if he were a punter, I'll bet he would love himself some sports team resolutions. Not because he likes to waste time, but he understands that life should be fun, once in a while.

Anyway, Chaffetz has run into some problems with South Carolina folks for opposing the resolutions. And I guarantee that if he does this kind of ranting if Texas, Oklahoma, or Florida wins an NCAA football championship, he better get himself some bodyguards.

Now, for other news:

Gov. Gary Herbert's reasons: I think the Herbert campaign has some seriously good booze. These people are throwing out reasons to re-elect their man without reason, timing or logic. Today, they tossed out two: Utah's a good commuter state (thanks, Legislature, for the funding there) and Herbert is a fiscal conservative who opposes tax hikes (cough, cough, tobacco tax, cough).

Peter Corron & Waste: The other candidate, who is actually campaigning instead of drunkenly blogging, wants to know where Herbert stands on nuclear waste.

Codyville: At some point, Cody Judy deserves more attention. The man is a blogging machine. And he's entertaining. Today, he ties to WikiLeaks thing to Obama's citizenship. In fact, Judy can tie anything to Obama's citizenship, even his garden. Go to the link, the video's at the bottom of the page.

Obama's Losing the Youth: Fickle children. Apparently, the youth voters who supported Obama are no longer supporting him as strongly. Which is understandable, because it's summer. Everyone forgets who our president is when the sun's shining and there's an open bar in Herbert's campaign office.

Beer news: Utah Beer says Uinta is getting their own beer store. Great, one more place to drive for booze. (By great, I mean GREAT!) The info's at the bottom of the post about Shades of Pale.

Finally, I'm off to Boise for the weekend for the Basque festival. I'm hearing rumors of a Tea Party hoedown in Nevada -- anybody know anything? Because if so, I may have to drive to Winnemucca. Because I am that insane. Most likely, no updates for a couple of days.

The Open Container Update is published every weekday, unless I go on vacation. Then, it's when and if I feel like it. Ditto for weekends.