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Wyoming's perspective of Utah


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If you ever wonder what Utah is about, take I-80 from Wyoming into Utah and, when you reach the state line, marvel.---

First up is a billboard with an attractive female doctor which announces she is the only female ob-gyn practitioner available for miles and miles to come.

Next there's a billboard for the State Street-located "Get some" guns and ammo store in Murray, which specialises in that much needed urban accessory - the assault rifle. 

That's followed by a billboard celebrating the LDS Church and, if I caught it correctly, the Salt Lake City temple grounds.

Just as you digest that, there's an electronic board that repeats a bizarre, doom-laden message: 2009 - 10 death, 2010 - 5 deaths. I can only assume it relates to Utah DUIs.

And then up pops 'Welcome to Utah - Life elevated.' After the previous billboards, elevated, I would argue, is the last thing you feel.



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