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Ad by Subtraction



Just a note to advertisers: What comes before or after your ad may be just as relevant as what's in your ad. ---

This morning, during a commercial break on X96's popular Radio from Hell show, an ad ran for the Del Taco fast-food chain. The ad touted, among other things, Del Taco's 39-cent taco offer. What a bargain, eh?

But we wonder what Del Taco might think about its juxtaposition with the subsequent advertiser, and vice-versa. After the Del Taco ad, there was a public service announcement for the non-profit, an entity promoting local agriculture sponsored in part by the Utah Department of Agriculture. The spot featured voices in foreign languages, followed by translations into English expressing gratitude from other nations for Americans' poor choices on food and farming policy -- including not paying attention to where your food is coming from, "as long as it's inexpensive."

Now aren't you just a little bit hungrier for a 39-cent taco?


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