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Seriously Disturbed


In an age where most movies aspire to be as inoffensive as possible, which films still have the capacity to leave us quivering, repulsed and seriously freaked-out? ---

That was the topic posed by British movie Website Total Film in a new feature running down "The 25 Most Disturbing Movies Ever." The list is, not surprisingly, fairly heavily weighted towards movies of the less censorship-affected last 40 years, with an inexplicable omission of Tod Browning's seminal, still-unnerving Freaks. And while a few of the entries are on the list strictly for what they make you think about -- like Todd Solondz's Happiness, pictured -- most are there for what they make you look at. As a result, the definition of "disturbing" feels as though it's being presented as a synonym for "gross."

What movies have inspired you to shut your eyes, walk out of the theater or shut off the DVD player. And, perhaps more relevant, why? In 2010, are there movies that still have the capacity to disturb us not because they make us want to chuck our cookies, but because they dig into something primally freaky?

(Hat-tip to Cinematical for the initial link)

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