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Sons of Anarchy: New Season 3 Trailer


The most-anticipated premiere of the fall season? It's not on any broadcast network--it's Sons of Anarchy's third season, kicking off Tuesday, Sept. 7 on FX. But it is cute how the regular nets keep on trying every year. ---

When last we left SAMCRO, Jax's baby had been stolen by a crazed Irishman, and Gemma was on the lam after being framed for murder (OK, a second murder) by semi-loony FBI agent Stahl. This season, the Sons go global, and more shit hits more fans than previously imagined possible by fan/shit theorists. The third episode of S3 provides a few moments of left-field levity with a genius bit of stunt-casting (no, not gonna spoil it here), but overall, this looks to be SOA's most intense season yet.

The Season 3 trailer from FX:

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