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Open Container: Six Pack on the Dashboard



"Everywhere I go I see injustice / In the form of government and their nonsense policies." -- Femi Kuti, "One Two"--- 

Challenging Chaffetz: It's pretty safe to say that Democrat Karen Hyer has zero chance of defeating Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah. But it's good to see that she's at least taking the fight to him and isn't afraid to "go negative," even if it's simply harping on his political donors.  

Boob Tube Campaign: Last week, Peter Corroon, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, unveiled two commercials. Today, Sam Granato, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, posted a commercial on YouTube that he is trying to raise enough to get on TV. For some inexplicable reason, the commercial is not yet posted on his website, nor is the plea for cash to get it on TV. (Disclosure: My wife was recently filmed for a future Corroon commercial, but not one of these. Truth be told, I have a lot of conflicts in this race, on both sides of the fence. Make of it what you will.)

Your Honor, The Asshole: Here at City Weekly, one of the ongoing issues we are following is the justice court system and the various ways in which the rights of average, and often poor and/or uneducated, people are treated like felons for crimes that barely rise to the level of "no dessert" punishments. In fact, one of our news stories this week is about one such incident, a two-plus-year affair that has resulted in a woman jailed and a man kicked out of a police department community outreach program. The initial crime? Dog running loose. Anyhow, the Logan Herald-Journal published a Letter to the Editor Sunday about the brutal smackdown of a single mother who dared -- dared, I say! -- to look up a judge's phone number in a phone book and call him at home to ask him a question.

Doug Wright's Son: Condolences to Doug Wright and his family for the loss of Eric Wright, his 24-year-old son who was serving an internship in D.C. Police are investigating, but it appears to be an accident. On a side, and possibly petty note, was it not possible for the Trib to find somebody to talk about him besides an office manager? And if not, couldn't she have come up with something better that "he gave three good tours?" Here's one place to start: social media.

Angle's Angles: I have a sick fascination with the Nevada Senate race. Sharron Angle is everything I love in a politician as a political junkie, and the fact she is still in this race is amazing. Over at WaPo's "The Fix" blog, the genius Chris Cilliza gives six reasons why she could still -- still! -- win this race.

Deseret News Knives: Word from people at the belabored daily paper is that tomorrow could be the start of layoffs. The tip-off is a currently unofficial staff meeting in the morning. I've also heard some numbers that are, sadly, in line with what I've previously reported. Right now, I haven't confirmed anything with solid sources, but there's a lot of reasons it makes sense. Stay tuned. (Another disclosure: I worked at the Deseret News for almost 10 years before coming to City Weekly.)

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