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Concert Review: John Mayer and Owl City at USANA



"It's been a long night in Salt Lake too," sang John Mayer last night at USANA Amphitheatre, but fans would argue it wasn't long enough.---

John Mayer opened with "Vultures," and an interesting choice in clothing: a suit and beaded headband. I was glad to be one of what he called the "freaky lawn people." There was quite the turnout of these freaky lawn people, from die hard fans rocking out on imaginary guitars to couples laying on blankets and the occasional smoker hiding his joint from security.

Mayer himself rocked out quite a bit during "Voodoo Child," one of his various jam sessions with his fellow band members, namely Bob Reynolds on saxophone and David Ryan Harris on guitar. The peak of his performance, however, was when he sang Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" amidst "Half of My Heart." The crowd livened up and nearly everyone was singing along.

For a concert that was supposed to be part of a Battle Studies tour, half the set featured songs off his Continuum album, such as "The Heart of Life," "Belief" and "Waiting on the World to Change." He finished with "Gravity," complete with a dramatic guitar performance in which he laid his guitar on the stage and played on the floor. He stopped those leaving in their tracks when he came back for an encore with "Edge of Desire."

Mayer closed the song by saying, "Salt Lake City, don't forget about me." That's not likely. For those who missed the concert, check out USTREAM Wednesday, September 1, at 8:45 p.m. to see Mayer live from Morrison, Colo., or for more information visit his website.

Owl City began the night playing songs from his album Ocean Eyes. As the sun went down he finished with "Fireflies," and fans got misty eyes as he said farewell.


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