Fidel Castro: Gay Forced-Labor Camps "a Great Injustice" | Buzz Blog
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Fidel Castro: Gay Forced-Labor Camps "a Great Injustice"



Thanks, Fidel. Although I have the greatest respect for your success in overthrowing that brutal gangster Fulgencio Batista, and I think it's high time the U.S. ended its embargo against your beautiful island nation, and I admit that Che--- Guevara was kind of cute; I've always felt a bit diffident about La Revolución, given the fact that the noble Cuban workers took it as an opportunity to slap homos into concentration camps.

I feel better now that, 50 years later, you have rationalized those events, and even taken responsibility for them, sort of.

Of course, the reason America continues its Cuban blockade has nothing to do with your ill-treatment of gays and lesbians, whose conditions there we can only hope have improved over past decades. The embargo is intended to exert economic pressure -- that is, to impoverish your country by forbidding tourism and the import of delicious Cubano sugar and tobacco -- since the existence of a prosperous Communist nation 50 miles from our shores would make things difficult for our political speechwriters.

Naturally, it would be fun to jet down to Havana, like in the good old days, for a weekend of fun in the sun. If we're ever allowed to do so again, we're glad you can guarantee that we won't end up spending our vacations in government-sponsored reeducation facilities.

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