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Open Container: Vine Dollars



In its bold new online universe, the Deseret Virtual News may look to the vine for ad revenue.---

One of the focuses for the DVN is incorporating their "core values" into their published content. One would assume that will mean a significant change in the kinds of advertisements that accept, such as a prohibition on accepting ads for R-rated movies or listing any shows being played at a bar. This would also, one would assume, mean an end to the ads for Brewvies, which they only started accepting a few years ago.

Or ... does it? The DVN will have to find ad revenue somewhere, especially in their new online venture, the Deseret Digital NeWWWs House and TV Studio. As recently as this weekend, the Deseret News was advertising bike trips to Grand Junction, aka Colorado's Wine Country. For a few samples, click here and here and here. (Note: PDFs).

Of course, the ads aren't promoting wine, they're promoting wine country, so maybe that is their justification. But then again, Brewvies ads don't promote their booze, they promote their movies. And an ad for a show at a 21 venue almost never promotes the drinks, it promotes the music. Finally, to further torture the question about "proper" content, take it the other way. If they won't promote wine country because of their new mission, what about local restaurant The Wild Grape or a microbrewery? What about a place where beer is available, whether it's the Twilight Concert Series or a Utah Jazz game?

And what happens if ... what happens if ... I sound like my 3-year-old boy and I'm giving myself a headache. I think I need to cruise on over the Deseret Virtual News & Pancake Emporium to see where I can get find a drink this early.