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Open Container: Brewer Stumbles


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Around the country, Tea Party favorites continue to implode. The latest victim: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.---

If a failure to coherently speak English is one of the "red flags" that can prompt a cop to check immigration status in Arizona, somebody needs to card Jan Brewer right now.

In a gubernatorial debate last night, Brewer's opening statement consisted of bumbling, pauses, smiles and scattershot soundbites. It was almost like the person on stage was not actually Brewer, but one of those fake projector ghosts that so often haunt Scooby-Doo. Only, the projector was running out of batteries.

Brewer has become a national hero among Tea Party conservatives for her state's strict immigration policies and her willingness to take on President Obama, and is being touted as a future of the party. However, like fellow Tea Party poiticians such as Sharron Angle and Rand Paul, she seems to be struggling when the national spotlight lands on her.

In part, I'd say that these candidates failures to struggle with increased attention is actually a credit to the Tea Party because it proves they have tapped into the common man demographic. The problem is, it is the comman man demographic that we can also blame for the continued success of Michael Bay movies.

Utah's prominent Tea Party candidates—especially U.S. Senate candidate Mike Lee—have, so far, avoided serious missteps. Of course, Lee is an incredibly smart and articulate guy, so he won't bumble around like Angle and Brewer. The danger for him is that he will take a position that actually infuriates some people, similar to what has happened to Paul. So far, though, that hasn't happened.

The video is below. Enjoy.