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Look out, look out for Trooper Lisa Steed



'Black and white fever' is the term for the extreme stress some folks experience when they see a police or highway patrol car in their rear view mirror. If you see this week's cover story subject, UHP's Lisa Steed, such fever might be understandable.---

You might  have caught fleeting glimpses of Cpl. Steed on KSL recently. Certainly her brusquely direct tones were evident in audio from her dashboard cam video they showed for a news story about a guy who allegedly wrestled away the needle she was using to draw his blood and attempted to stab her with it.

Steed has been much praised in print and TV for her remarkable ability to arrest people who are under the influence. But her critics, both among the ranks of those she has arrested and the legal community, take issue with the methods she uses to get her results.

Among the surprising things I learned in this story is that the highway patrol doesn't necessarily patrol the highway - certainly not those members of the DUI squad who are dedicated to stopping drunk drivers from getting on I-15 and causing carnage. But the abiding impression, after watching numerous traffic stop videos featuring Cpl. Steed, is how implacable she is. Nothing fazes her or gets in her way. And that sometimes includes, allege her critics, UHP policy and the niceties of the U.S. constitution.