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Local Releases: The Family Gallows



Today we're talking about one album release due out tomorrow from some musicians I can't tell you much about. --- The band in question are The Family Gallows, a group that have decided to call themselves an "indie alternative rock jam band", which we'll have to take their word for as the only tracks they have loaded on their upstart bandpage are acoustic numbers featuring strained-winy cries for the vocals. I'd love to tell you more about them, but I can't because they fall into the ever growing category of bands who fail to promote themselves. Aside three songs and the one whole picture of frontman Hunter Harrison (below), a two day search turned up jack-shit about them. In fact, if not for The Woodshed's management taking the time to post info about the band's show tomorrow night, you wouldn't even know they had an album release as they've failed to alert fans that they're even playing. The album is supposedly titled The Highwater, but I can't tell you if its an EP or a full-length, enjoy that surprise. So please join me in honoring them as our "Mystery Band Of The Month", and when you see them, please encourage them to get their shit together. They'll be playing both a rock set and an acoustic set on Saturday along side The Past 10s from Magna, Game On, and California's own Angie Mattson. Just $5 at 9PM.


Head out, love music, buy local.

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