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In The Loop: 9/11/10. Summer Ending & Screw Neon Trees



Hello to all you arrogant-hipster half-shaved head styling Neon Trees praising enthusiasts. ...You know, that's a bit mean for me to say without explanation. In fact, I don't believe I've ever expressed why I hate the Neon Trees these days. And before you think it, it has absolutely nothing to do with their new found success, in fact I'm happy with that because it gets the word out about Utah music. (That is, until the day comes they officially "relocate" to California like they've been wanting to do.) I actually enjoyed their act in 2008 as they were coming up around the clubs. Then somehow in early 2009, they turned into dicks, long before they became a national act. Which I can't help but think we're partially responsible for since they won the CWMA's that year. But as a whole their attitudes changed. Like the ever persistent account that they demanded more money from Bar Deluxe or else they wouldn't play, or that time they bailed on SLUG Magazine's "Localized" show and told people not to come because they wouldn't be there, or the time they leveraged the Downtown Alliance with their "celebrity status" to let them close EV3. (Ironic behavior from a band who's website is called "") Sorry kids, but I can't support a band that acts so fucked-up just to be rich and famous. You can praise their music all you want, but if you're gonna go around and treat people like shit in a faux-Brit dialect just because you managed to replace The Used, then you can piss off. What's that Neon Trees? You want me to pay $15 to see you at the Dew Tour on Friday? Sorry, I saw you when you were good at Velour for $5. Have a good one, blokes! I could go on, but let's cleanse that palate with a look at the model.citizen Memorial Wall.

--- Alright, let's talk events. First up, we've got a Beer Festival downtown today from 1-6PM. But there's a number of banners surrounding this post to tell you about it, click one of them for details. Please join us to partake in beer and you may get your picture taken at the event for our website. But for those of you who can't make it, or are not into beer drinking, or have free time earlier in the day, there's another event up in the avenues. The Avenues Street Fair kicks off this morning at 9AM. Over 250 booths stretching six blocks with music on two stages from twelve different acts. Not a bad little party happening up there. Personally, I encourage everyone to make it a roundabout trip and do both, plus Farmer's Market, but that's probably too active for most.


Then on Sunday... Craft Sabbath! Which if you hadn't heard, they've moved! Outgrowing their humble beginnings inside NoBrow Coffee to the outside, then totally outside when the weather got better, and now being a behemoth event that takes up a quarter of a city block, they find new digs a block down the road at The Main Library. Same crafters as usual with now room for more, all in a building with heating and air conditioning. Head on over and check them out in their new space.

And as we enter next week we see a ton of artistic and musical events bringing an end to summer. The first of these being the latest from the 337 Project and their brand new Urban Gallery All-Star Face Off. Heading back to the Neighborhood House on 5th South to paint the garage doors that brought thousands out to see the beauty they've made twice before, nine artist have eighteen hours to put together a piece on their own door, starting Friday afternoon for seven hours and another eleven on Saturday. Head on over and check out the awesome work and support the Neighborhood House and the work they do for our community.

Meanwhile over at The Hive Gallery in Trolley Square, they'll be showcasing their 24 Hour Art Show. Anyone can enter the competition/showcase. Entry costs $15 (deadline to enter is September 14) which gets you a 12"x12" block of wood to pick up on the 16th. You then have 24 hours to create your works however you wish, with some guidelines upon starting. Then those works will be displayed on the 18th for all to see. Head on over and sign up to be a part of the show.

But next week isn't void of music as we have two big summer-ending shows in the state. The first being up north here in SLC, The Pickle Factory plays host to "Picklepalooza" on Saturday the 18th! The event itself will include belly dancers, painters, DJ's, vendors, a bake sale, its own art show, and badns such as The Plastic Furs, Subrosa, Huldra, the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble and more. Your entry fee to this two-story blowout?%uFFFD ...A suggested $5 donation. I'll put up an official poster and more details up later, but for now, here's a picture of the building.

And down south, another "palooza", this one sitting on the banks and in the water of Lake Powell. You guessed it, its Powellapalooza! (Wait, seriously? I know its the first one ever, but they couldn't come up with a better title? ...Alright.) With a major mix of Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona bands, this is probably one of the biggest summer party events the Southwest will see this year. Kicking off September 23rd for four straight days with an encouragement on getting houseboats and motorhomes out to the event, they'll be taking over three venues and an amphitheater with nearly 200 acts and vendors. I'd tell you more but just trying to summarize so much in this small paragraph doesn't do it justice. Head over to their website and take a gander and what awaits you at the lake. And remember, there are no deadly 3D piranhas in Lake Powell, but there are plenty of sharks running the hotels.

Oh, did we mention film? For those of you inspired to become directors, the Salt Lake Film Society is holding the third installment of its popular Open Screen Nights at the Tower Theater on Wednesday, September 22nd. Bring your short films out for a competition screening between some of Utah's finest, somewhat-okay, and "just learning" filmmakers. Just $5 to enter a film. As of right now we're unsure if its a free screening or just a $1 ticket price, so bring a buck just in case.

And then wrapping up the next couple of weeks in events, Poor Yorick opens its doors for the Fall Solstice and their bi-annual open studio. Featuring familiar faces and new blood taking up the various studios across three buildings, you can check everything out for free from 6-10PM on the 24th, and from 1-5PM on the 25th. I'd would tell you more on this, but words don't do it justice, you must head over and experience the evening. Go look at my photos from this past Spring Open Studio to get a sample of what you'll see.

Damn! Did we cover enough? As for the blog... We'll have an all-locals concert to talk about, chat up a new online poetry project, talk with an artist on the rise, visit a costume shop, hit up Gallery Stroll and explore one man's inventions. At least I hope to do all that as I've had to rearrange things for these coming weeks. As always, we'll see what happens.

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