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Lounge Act Weekend: Ogden throws a rager



Happiness is a three-day weekend, and I'm taking one this week, so here's a super-sized batch of tips for your next few days.---


Ogden's old street festival was always a gas, full of mechanical bull-riding, drunken revelry and near fisticuffs. The city put the kaibosh on such buffoonery years ago, but the Ogden Great Harvest Festival has at least given the folks of O-town a reason to get out and tear it up downtown for a day. Historic 25th Street is the place, and there's all manner of family-friendly fun through the day, topped off by a free concert by Lukas Nelson (Willie's kid). Lucky for us Salt Lakers, FrontRunner takes us right to 25th Street, so a few bar stops at the Kokomo and Brewski's are highly recommended as part of your Ogden experience.


The Springville Museum is a gem in Utah County, and if you've never visited you're seriously missing out. Saturday, they are hosting a "Celebrate Your Museum Day," full of docent-led tours, hands-on art projects for kids and grownups alike, and promises of special gifts for visitors. Lord knows what those gifts might be, but I love getting presents for just showing up.


Plenty of great music to be found all weekend, and I'd encourage you to check out the City Weekly listings yourself.

Among the shows I'm looking forward to this weekend, and hopefully making it to, are The Cult and Black Ryders show Friday at the Great Saltair. I'm curious home many folks will actually be there to see the show; The Cult had their moment (actually, more than one) way back when, but does anyone care? I know I'll be there, just to hear "Rain" and "Love Removal Machine" one last time. Or at least, one last time until The Cult breaks up and makes up again in a few years.

Also Friday, dance-rockers Starfucker are playing both Kilby Court and The Urban Lounge. Saw them last time they rolled through, and the live show is a blast. Saturday night, a bevy of great local talent is taking over Kilby, with a show featuring Laserfang, Future of the Ghose and Palace of Buddies, while Sunday bring Montreal nouveau-folkie Land of Talk (pictured above) and Suuns to Kilby—a fine double bill.