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In The Loop: 9/25/10. Follow-Up In Feudin'



Hello to all you nail-biting, feud fueling, salivating with anticipated baited breath, local celebrity loving enthusiasts. My oh my, did I get a ton of mail these past two weeks. Apparently there's an even amount of you reading this who both adore and despise the Neon Trees. Who would have thought you'd be so split, and imagine my astonishment to see how one asshole-like commentary could get me both electronically pat on the back and spit on within an hour. But to get to the meat of it, many of you were wondering how it turned out, specifically if you followed the comments you'd see that Tyler Glenn himself responded, at which point he and I emailed each other... followed by the comments section being taken over by a grizzly old hate-filled fuck (who apparently has enough cash to afford an internet connection, but not enough to leave this square-state he despises). I'm clearly not LDS, but I believe I speak for most involved here when I say: Judson Witham, thanks for the added web traffic, but no one really gives two-shits about your rants, either move to Mississippi or eat a bag of testicular cancer. As for the Trees, looking back you'll recall I put up the statement for a VIP Press Pass and a guarantee for an uncensored interview on the blog to address everything and talk about the tour. So the question for the past week has been whether I was completely right, or if I'll be dining on crow this week. The (blurry) picture below is what I received at the gate, along with Dew Tour security telling me that my camera may be confiscated if I take pictures. Clearly, not VIP, nor Press, not even assigned seating, and had someone else's name scratched off the stickypad attached to it before I got it. But I'm not totally blaming the band, sometimes the tour you're on just has shitty management who don't deserve your money, but it appears we're at a standstill for now. We'll see how things pan out when the tour ends.

--- While we're mildly on the subject of me, you can hear a more rational, and by my understanding a funnier version of me in audio form over at KRCL's website. As this past Thursday the wonderful Tamikra Khvtisiashvili interviewed myself as well as Adam Palcher and Adam Sherlock from “A Damn Movie Podcast" on "Radio Active" about new media, specifically blogging and podcasting respectfully. Not to mention the second half of the show chatting with Eric Ethington from “Pride In Utah” and Gary Barkley of “Shared Sacrifice Radio”. Not a bad hour, if you're interested in that kind of thing. You can check out that episode here, and for the hell of it, let's check out the two Adam's looking superhero-sexy.


Looking at art for a moment, below is a shot from the hallway at Poor Yorick Studios, who are currently holding their fall open studio for everyone to check out. As always, good conversations, tasty snacks, and art that doesn't disappoint. If you missed last night, then hopefully you're reading this in time to catch today's showing from 1-5PM before they shut back down until spring. You can check out over 200 photos of the show over here, and then head over and enjoy the many different artists in their creative environments. Trying to type more words for this doesn't do it justice, just go.

Moving on, let's hit up events, starting with a very late addition of a Zombie Walk. Now this isn't the official Zombie Walk that's been held every summer (and official is stretching a little since this year came pretty close to not happening), this is a planned seven-block walk from the Main Library to Club Sound and In The Venue. The walk is free, but as noted on the poster you can then purchase tickets for the Salt Lake Outbreak Concert tonight which will feature ECS, Amplitude, MegaTank, RoadHead and Cache Valley Cartel. Its a bit last minute, and I can't personally speak to anyone involved, but hell, it's probably the last good parade horror fans will get this years as again, no one has planned anything city-wise for Halloween. So get bloody and dead-ish, and make your way down.

Another event happening tonight hits a very different natured topic as we enter Banned Books Week to wrap up September. "When She Speaks I Hear The Revolution" is an open-mic event being held at Sugar House Coffee (1045 East 2100 South) tonight, with the intent of celebrating the voices of women and the trans community, along with being a night of continual inspiration in a welcoming space. The opening evening will focus on authors who's works have been questioned in school classrooms. Bring your favorite banned books, passages, stories or songs, step up to the mic and let them be heard.

If you're looking for something a little different art-wise, you might want to make your way over to the Free Speech Zone on October 2nd as they'll be playing host to a light show. Which to call it a light show doesn't quite do it justice as its more of an experiment with light. Charles Shaw and Max Garfield will be bringing in their own brand of designed works next Saturday for an open audience. Its completely free to attend, but a $5 donation is suggested. Which for a two-man showcase like this, isn't too much to request. And while you're there pick up some goods to fuel the rebellious spirit.

On a bit of a downer, news has come in this week of a cancellation. The Utah Local Festival Of Arts, which was due to kick off at the Masonic Temple on October 9th, has officially been put on hold due to lack of funding. It sucks, especially after the success of last year's event that even got major support from local government officials and a boost of attention from the art community, but with no funding to push the event forward, organizers hit the pause button most likely until next year. ...That is, unless perhaps some charitable folks in local government and arts who supported it last year could somehow come up with some cash to make it happen this year. I'm not gonna drop any names (who might be running for major offices in five weeks), I'm just saying out loud that maybe this event could use a helping hand.

As for the blog... coming up the next few weeks we'll dive into creepy art entering October, hit up a printmaking collective, chat up a gallery of a different flavor, talk breakdancing, examine a local (now award winning) zine, and officially interview the first of our plays for the 10-11 theatre season. Or at least that's the hope, as always, we'll see what happens. And please, feel free to refuse acknowledging of any babble seen below that may be posted by a batshit crazy elderly man who may live in a rundown Prowler trailer under the WVC powerlines.

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