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Lounge Act Monday: Smokin' blues and ribs



It's slim pickins for a Monday night, but there's one ideal excuse to get your grub on AND see some worthy tunes.---

The blues always seems to have another teenage wunderkind coming around the bend, but rarely has the role been filled by a Telecaster-shredding 16-year-old British girl. Joanne Shaw Taylor was essentially discovered by former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, who signed the teenager up to tour Europe in his ad hoc “supergroup.”

That was eight years ago, and now the 24-year-old Taylor has White Sugar, a debut album including 10 bluesy originals, to use as a calling card.

She’s an Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughn acolyte, and you can hear it in every lick. The show is at 7 p.m. tonight at Pat's BBQ, 155 W. Commonwealth Ave. (2125 S.), and will cost ya $20.

Here's a bit of Shaw Taylor playing her own "White Sugar" with Stevie Ray's "Rude Mood:"


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