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Concert review: Baths at Urban Lounge



“Salt Lake City came out tonight!” shouted the frontman of Baths, Will Wiesenfeld, at Urban Lounge Monday night. Mondays are notoriously slow nights for entertainment, but the small venue was bustling with hipsters and fans of Baths and El Ten Eleven.---

Hipsters, as defined in Urban Dictionary, are a relatively young subculture of men and women who reject mainstream consumerism, shop at thrift stores, value independent thought, and keep open minds to all forms of art, especially diverse music. Since this group of people has the propensity to appreciate a smorgasbord of music, they were definitely able to appreciate the eccentric stylings of Baths. Baths is the epitome of different. Indie, but more aptly described as experimental-electro, Will Wiesenfeld is a one-man music machine.

He spoke, he sang (in noticeably higher registers), he danced, he flipped switches, he turned dials, and all at a most impressive pace. All manner of sounds filled the air, some distinguishable and some not. The discernible varied from piano to an assortment of percussion and drum-beats. As he played, lights on the stage flickered in a chaotic pattern of rainbow colors. People danced uninhibitedly, and feet tapped the ground of their own accord.

New to the scene, Wiesenfeld only has one album, titled Cerulean. Because DOSH dropped out of the lineup, he got an unaccustomed amount of time to play songs that according to him, “people have been shouting at me to do and I never have time to.”

A few sounds could be left out of the mix, like the ones that brought to mind machine gun fire and a dying cat. However, overall it was a delightful circus of noises.

For those of you who are fans of this particular brand of Indie, Jonsi will be playing October 22nd at the Complex. Also, word on the street is that if you missed him, Baths will be back around February.