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First-run theaters aren't your thing; you'd rather wait to pay $1.50. Our new feature tells you what hits bargain houses this week. ---

At the top of the list is one of 2010's best films: Pixar's brilliant Toy Story 3. As improbable as it may seem for a series that already generated two classics, the third installment continues the combination of visual style, smart humor and heartbreaking emotion. Catch at the Cinemark theaters in Sugar House, Sandy, Valley Fair Mall and more beginning Friday, Oct. 8.

The romantic comedy Going the Distance also hits the same venues Friday. The story of a long-distance relationship is plenty raunchy, but succeeds at figuring out what part of the rom-com formula works.

Finally, there's Vampires Suck, a sendup of the Twilight movies from the genre spoofers behind Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. And that should tell you most of what you need to know about whether it's for you. Find it starting Friday at the same Cinemark discount theaters.

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