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TV Tonight: Community, The Office, Bones, Real Housewives of DC


Unrelated to Thursdays: FX has renewed Sons of Anarchy for a fourth season! In other Tuesday news, Fox has ordered more episodes of Raising Hope. Of course, if you’re on Dish Network, all of this is moot.---

What’s new tonight:
Community (NBC) Annie (Alison Brie) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) oil wrestle! Sure, it’s black crude, not “regulation” baby oil, but it’ll do. Oh, and something happens with Pierce (Chevy Chase).

The Office (NBC) Andy tries to impress Erin with his performance in Sweeney Todd, because nothing makes a gal swoon like musical community theater. Except maybe blogs about TV shows.

Bones (Fox) Booth and Bones investigate the death of a guido last seen partying on the Jersey Shore. The actual Jersey Shore, not the MTV show—even though they did try to get The Situation, who instead opted for a more dignified role on Dancing With the Stars.

The Real Housewives of DC (Bravo) Season Finale: The episode you’ve all been waiting for! Well, maybe a year ago. Michaele and Tareq Salahi crash that White House party, thus almost justifying this series’ entire existence. Almost.

Also new tonight:
Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice (ABC); The Big Bang Theory, Shit You Shouldn’t Watch, CSI, The Mentalist (CBS); Outsourced, The Apprentice (NBC); Fringe (Fox); The Vampire Diaries, Nikita (The CW); Project Runway (Lifetime); It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League (FX); Jersey Shore (MTV)

Preview: Bones goes deep into the spray-tanned heart of guido country.

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