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In The Loop: 10/9/10. Hitting The Fall



Hello to all you foliage-staring, cider drinking, Facebook-film loving, what-the-hell-will-I-wear-for-Halloween enthusiasts. Sorry to disappoint, bot much in controversy or arguments today. More pity on my mind toward a local paper. As I've mentioned to a few others in recent weeks, my late grandfather subscribed to the Salt Lake Tribune for his entire life. And whenever they came, would always garbage the complimentary copies of the Deseret News that were plopped on his doorstep. About the age of thirteen I asked him why he never read their paper, and his response to me was "I already hear from our neighbors why everything we do is bad, I don't need it in print." And he was always convinced that one day that paper wouldn't be worth more than the rusted '68 Plymouth in the garage. I just assumed that it was a combination of old age, diabetes and anger towards most everyone around him talking. But after reading their "reader contributions" and "topical articles" written by church office staffers... I need to contemplate how much of what he said was genius or rant. Before we dive into some events, here's a look at the latest addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.

--- First up, right now, as you read this over the weekend, Anime Banzai is currently happening up in Layton. ...Not really sure why it moved up north, but its been mentioned so many times that this is simply a reminder to go check it out. The big reason to go, at least for me, its that its early Halloween. Most of the costumes you'll find are far better than what most adults will put on with their kids. If you're in to costume and design, its worth the trip. Not much to say, so in return, tiny logo.

Then tomorrow brings about the last Salty Streets Flea Market to Kilby Court for 2010. These have been an awesome success with those looking for a show or something to do on a Sunday that doesn't revolve around visiting a church. For just $2 you can catch Spell Talk, Night Sweats and Desert Noises. Not to mention the entertainment outside and the market itself. I already mentioned most of what's to come int he A&E section for this week's issue, so just head on over tomorrow, enjoy the market and show those gals some support to bring it back next year.

Speaking of events, check out this massively packed concert. Fork Fest, located in, of all places, American Fork. A completely free festival featuring most of Utah County's finest musicians, plus artists to boot. Now this event was sorely needed after the Sego Festival went away, and yeah it may be in American Fork but I say its about damn time. The two Fork's haven't exactly had the greatest reputation as being the places for entertainment, leaving it up to Provo and Orem to be the center pieces for the area. To have a festival like this, for free, in the fall no less, shows great improvement to get people out and show off what the southern end of the Front has to offer. If you're down there, you'd be stupid not to at least go check it out. Fingers crossed for their success.


Going into more supportive events, Local First Utah will be throwing their Celebrate The Bounty benefit on the 21st. Which honestly, you might wanna go support considering all the behind-the-scenes work these guys do to promote all-local business and entertainment. Included int he benefit will be dozens of drinks and foods from restaurants, a big auction of localized goods and services, their first ever "LocalMotive Awards" to be given to those influential in the community, and some other surprises being left off the bill. Yes, its pricey, but it goes to a good venture.

Also on the list, An October Evening is quickly approaching. In about two weeks time, October 22nd over at the Masonic Temple. These are always a good time as they mix fashion, dance, film and music all together for an evening along with some ghoul and horror. The Vile Blue Shades performance from two years ago still stands out as one of my favorites of all time. A lot of the details and guests are being worked out but so far on the bill there are seven short films, a performance by Dance Biz, music by the Filthy McWhiskey Cabaret Show, Pretty Macabre on hand for fashion, Michelangelo Magic Works on hand to showcase their talent, and finally photos by BellaOra. VIP tickets are going for $15 with regular seating for just $10.

To my surprise, I thought there would have been more this week, but apparently that's about it for me to bring up. As for the blog... don't know how it looked on the outside but last week just drove me insane. With any luck this week will be different as we'll chat up a show from this weekend, talk belly-dancing, visit Gallery Stroll, talk to some short-film directors, hit up the big roller derby championship and visit another debuting play. Or at least, I really fucking hope that's what happens. As always, we'll see what happens.

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