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Sending out an S.O.S.



When we last heard from Utah singer/songwriter Hannah (aka Wendy) Ohlwiler, she was on the road, playing her tunes, when a car she bought in San Diego broke down. Instead of fixing it, she bought a ticket to New Zealand. And that's where things get interesting.---

For the better part of a year, Ohlwiler has been on what she dubs a "mystical, musical tour" through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China and, most recently, Nepal, playing songs from her most recent album, The Gift

Late last week Ohlwiler shot City Weekly an email noting that her money's run out, so she uploaded The Gift—which she's been selling hard copies of along the way during her travels—to Internet music store CDBaby for people to download. If she can get 50 folks to buy The Gift via CDBaby, she can come home to Utah.

So, friends, fans and Ohlwiler newbies: Go spin some of her tunes and consider lending her a hand in coming home. Maybe she'll write you a song of thanks if you're the music-buyer that puts her over the top.

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