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Now-A-Dollar Oct. 15



You've waited the requisite several weeks; here are the movies coming to discount theaters starting Friday. ---

For the kids, the summer sleeper hit Despicable Me makes its dollar-house debut, telling the tale of an inept would-be super-villain (Steve Carell) caring for a trio of orphans. Catch it starting Friday at Cinemark theaters in Sugar House, Sandy, Valley Fair Mall and other Utah bargain locations.

For the adolescent male (or adolescent male-at-heart) comes The Expendables, with Sylvester Stallone leading a band of mercenaries against a drug lord and his puppet dictator. The teased Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis summit from the trailer turns out to be a fake-out, and the rest of the big-kabooms may be worth only the cheaper ticket price.

And for the ladies (or at least those who regularly watch Oprah) comes the adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. Maybe it's the perfect weekend to take the whole family, and split up.


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