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Lohra's parting shot to Sim



Four controversy-plagued years of Lohra Miller as Salt Lake County's District Attorney came to an end last night with the election of Salt Lake City prosecutor Sim Gill as the new D.A.---

Miller complained during the campaign that Gill's refusal to debate her left her feeling she was "running against a ghost." Gill and his supporters argued that she was in fact running against her own record and in particular the litany of headlines clamoring about questionable decisions at her office.

Even during a TV interview when close to victory, Gill seemed keen to attribute criticism of her to 'reporters' rather than his own campaign.

Given the hostile invective that surrounded the campaign in its last months, perhaps it's no surprise that Miller's e-mail to Gill congratulating him on the win was not a gracious acceptance of defeat but rather a bitter railing against him for how he ran his campaign. %uFFFD

"I can only hope that the campaign you ran is not mirrored during your term as D.A." she wrote. "I encourage you to take the time to learn the truth behind the headlines you hid behind." She went on to say that "just because a reporter or headline says something, does not make it the truth. I am confident that when you take the time to learn the facts about the issues you have accused me of, you will agree that the right thing was done."

Miller concluded that for the sake of the staff he was inheriting and the "community which I love and have been honored to serve, I wish you well."

Gill, for his part, responded with reconciliatory tones. He e-mailed back that he hoped they could put aside "hard feelings" that may have been created by "a hard fought campaign" to ensure a smooth transition. "We obviously have differences in opinion about some of the decisions you've made and your approach in some areas," he noted, but expressed optimism that he would "learn more about positive things that you have accomplished in the office."

He promised to not make changes "for the sake of being different" and although there would be adjustments, "I hope you don't take them personally." 

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