Now-a-Dollar Nov. 26 | Buzz Blog
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Now-a-Dollar Nov. 26


Thanksgiving weekend is in part about what to do with leftovers. Like maybe catching up with a leftover movie you didn't see the first time around. ---

And there are a couple worth the time. Easy A offers up Emma Stone's breakout performance as a socially invisible high-schooler who becomes the subject of rumors she actually kinda enjoys. It's a John Hughes vibe, only funnier, for the Internet era.

There's an entirely different vibe in The Town, Ben Affleck's adaptation of Chuck Hogan's crime novel Prince of Thieves. Like he did in Gone Baby Gone a couple of years ago, Affleck nails the gritty world of his native Boston, and gets a couple of great supporting performances from Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively.

Or there's always the depressingly un-funny You Again, with Kristen Bell playing a high school nerd-turned-business success who discovers that her brother is about to marry her worst school-days enemy. Maybe she just should have tried to forget it and move on, like we can do with the movie.