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TV Tonight: Fringe, Nikita, Sunny In Philly


This just in: Showtime has renewed Dexter for a sixth season in 2011! This just in-er: IFC has picked up ‘90s classics Mr. Show, Larry Sanders, The Ben Stiller Show and Action, beginning in January! Squeal! ---

What’s new tonight:
Fringe (Fox) Beginning in January, Fox moves Fringe to Friday nights—enjoy it post-Bones while you can. Tonight, cover-blown Olivia (Anna Torv) fights to get the hell out of Other Universe, while back in This Universe, Peter (Joshua Jackson) deals with the new knowledge that he’s been banging Other Olivia (Anna Torv, blonde flavor) and the possibility of This Universe getting blow’d up. Come on, it’s not that hard to follow.

Nikita (The CW) Nikita (Maggie Q) and Owen (Devon Sawa) rush to rescue a CIA agent that Division is framing for an assassination in Chile—or a chili cook-off; press release is smudged. Meanwhile, inside Division, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) continues to spy on Percy and the rest of evil upper-management completely unnoticed, as usual. And they wonder how Nikita got away ...

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX) In “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods,” the gang gets lost on their way to an Atlantic City charity event, somewhere in, you got it, the woods. Besides the obvious question, “Who invited these dirtbags to a charity event?”, ever notice how tidy and self-explanatory Sunny’s episode titles are? I mean, the above-mentioned Fringe ep is called “Entrada,” while the Nikita ep is “Dark Matter.” You could trade those titles between ‘em and it wouldn't make a fuck’s worth of difference. Just sayin.’

Also new tonight:
Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice (ABC); Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Outsourced, The Apprentice (NBC); Bones (Fox); The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo); The League (FX); Burn Notice (USA); Conan (TBS)

Preview: A very elaborate Fringe promo for tonight’s “Entrada,” done up all cinematical: