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Lounge Act Tuesday: Don't fight it—get your Christmas on



I know it's tempting to delay your entry into the holiday mayhem as long as possible, but I'm here to encourage to you dive right in with some of SLC's holiday fare.---

I'd hardly consider myself a traditionalist, but I went and saw Pioneer Theatre Company's version of Irving Berlin's White Christmas (pictured) over the weekend, and even my Grinchy self was able to get over my hatred of most musical theater and aversion to sappy sentimentality and go with the flow. How? But losing myself a bit in the stellar music—it's a soundtrack full of Berlin's classics, and they're not all Christmas songs. The performers were roundly excellent, and the live orchestra made the day. Yes, it's a ridiculously happy little old-fashioned story, but sometimes that's what it takes to get in the holiday spirit. 

Similarly, Ballet West's version of The Nutcracker is sure to evoke something in even the most cynical hearts. Toy soldiers? Sugar plum fairies? All still there, just like you remember from childhood.

Even hip-hoppers know when to get into the spirit of the season. Just check out the "How the Grouch Stole Christmas" tour stopping at The Urban Lounge tonight, featuring rappers par excellence The Grouch, Brother Ali, Eligh and Los Rakas. This decidedly non-traditional option should help you clear out all the sugary sentimentality of the play or the ballet, no problem.


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