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Lounge Act Wednesday: Naked Ladies & Bret Michaels, Naturally



Has there ever been a more unlikely pop-cultural comeback than Bret Michaels rise from cock-rock has-been to TV star? I think not.---

And the fact is, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. No matter what you think of Michaels' music, he really is one of the easiest rock stars to deal with in terms of interviews for us music writer dorks. Whether you're talking to him on the phone or hanging out on his bus—and I've somehow had the chance to do both in my life—he's quick with a joke and in offering a beer, and he can talk for days, which is always good when you're writing an article. 

Trust me, not all '80s hair-metal refugees are that way. When I talked with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx a few years ago, he proved to have no ability to laugh at himself or his band's excesses. But Michaels has no problem with his past, or talking about how silly his Rock of Love Bus show was, or his time on The Apprentice with The Donald.

Does that mean you should go see Bret Michaels' solo show Wednesday night at The Depot? Not necessarily. But you can bet Michaels will do his damnedest to entertain the crowd that will surely pack the place.

Down the road at Elevate, former Barenaked Lady Steven Page is headlining a radio station charity concert that's gathering donations for Toys for Tots in exchange for entry to see the man who sang such monster hits as "One Week." Glad to see Page making the rounds solo-style after tackling some drug issues; he always seemed like the most fun Barenaked Lady when he was still in that band, and no doubt he'll find a way back to the forefront of Canadian joke-rock soon.

And if you find yourself with a hankerin' for the unique blend of hip-hop DJ beats and jam-band excess, DJ Logic's got you covered Wednesday night at Downstairs in Park City.