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SLC School Board Adopts Anti-Discrimination Policy



Yeah, it's good news: The Salt Lake City School Board has, at last, voted to protect students and employees from discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.---

According to the Trib, three board members opposed the measure. In case you're wondering, here are the names of the educators who voted in favor of anti-gay bullying: Mark Maxfield (boo!), Alama Uluave (hiss!), and Laurel Heath Young (boo! hiss!).

Maxfield voted as a lame duck, having been replaced in November's election by Rosemary Emery (yay!). But he does make a valid point: When the mean-spirited Legislature decides to punish the district come January, it will be all students -- regardless of orientation or identity -- who will suffer. (I embellished that point a bit.)

Still, if the school board were to allow the Big State Government to dictate its actions out of fear of retaliation, then wouldn't it be guilty of the same kind of hypocrisy the Legislature exhibited last month when it made such a big deal out of pinching its nose with one hand while holding out the other hand for $101 million in federal aid?

The board acted with honor, in the best interests of its students and personnel. It would be nice if we could count on the Legislature to act in the best interests of its constituents -- but, of course, it won't.

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