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Local TV(ish): The Life of a Suicycle


Because local musician/recording engineer/hair enthusiast Camden Chamberlain doesn’t have enough going with his myriad projects, he’s added a new slash: Sitcom star. ---

Not exactly: In addition to Cavedoll, Experiment In Being Awake and a band he may start before I finish this sentence, he’s singing and playing bass in a new aggro-trio called The Suicycles, with drummer Van Christensen and guitarist Robert Roake. But, not content with just rocking out with their respective cocks out in a bar near you, the band has also launched a manic little series of weekly YouTube videos: The Life of a Suicycle—it’s Behind the Music, in front of the music, pretty much all over the damned music.

Four episodes in, The Life of a Suicycle is already a more entertaining (and occasionally even educational) reality show than anything on TLC or VH1. Here they are; subscribe to the Suicycles YouTube channel for more to come:

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