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TV Tonight: Sunny & Charlie Brown Xmases, Burn Notice, Big Bang


Today’s True TV has been picked up national television news/columns aggregator This either means my genius has finally been recognized, or it’s a slooow damn TV news week. ---

What’s new tonight:
A Very Sunny Christmas (FX) TV Debut: The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia holiday DVD release from last year that will likely undergo a few edits for even cable—‘tis the season for a naked, greased-up Danny DeVito being “birthed” from a couch. Hey, it’s better than a shitty tree set to a shittier jazz score for the 45th year in a row with …

A Charlie Brown Christmas (ABC) The 1965 Peanuts classic that’s probably due for a 3-D remake (look how well it’s worked for Yogi Bear), about the crass commercialism of Christmas, poorly-planned school theater productions and understocked tree lots. You blockheads!

Burn Notice (USA) 2-Hour Season Finale: Returning baddie Brennan blackmails Michael into killing some guv’ment agents, which Michael will turn easily around with an elaborate plot thrown together in two minutes over beers and banter—just a guess. Then, an assault team comes after Mike’s family and friends, and a few major explosions and a minor cliffhanger will take us out of Season 4—again, just a guess.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) The geeks enter a costume contest dressed as the Justice League, which is really just an (excellent) excuse to squeeze Penny into a skimpy Wonder Woman outfit. Well played, CBS—but would it have killed you to bring in Craig Ferguson to play Aquaman instead of using a Superman ringer? Just sayin.’

Also new tonight:
Shit You Shouldn’t Watch (CBS); L.A. Gang Wars: The Peacemaker (A&E); The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo); The Funniest Commercials of 2010, Conan (TBS)

Preview: The Big Theory as the Justice League—sadly, minus Craig Ferguson: