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Your Critic's 10 New Year's Resolutions


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Since everyone is sharing their New Year's resolutions and Top 10 lists for the year, I thought I'd give you mine. --- Here are my Top 10 New Year's Food & Drink Resolutions for 2011. 

1. Stop complaining about overpriced "tapas" and "small plates." Need to come to grips with the notion that "less is more."

2. Drink more Champagne. French Champagne. The good stuff.

3. Eat fewer burgers. The "old-school" or "old-fashioned" burger craze has finally worn me out.

4. Buy more cookbooks and support cookbook authors. Stop downloading free recipes from the Internet.

5. Make it my personal mission to stamp out truffle oil.

6. Ditto cilantro.

7. Like the UDABC limits liquor/beer/wine licenses, start a campaign to limit the number of sushi bars. Can't someone open at Ethiopian restaurant? 

8. Frequent more restaurants with low or no corkage fees.  

9. Try to stop calling unfocused, unorganized menus "eclectic." 

10. Accept the reality that Rachel Ray just isn't going away.  

Now, how about yours?

Happy New Year!