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Lounge Act Monday: Welcome the new year with an ol' fave



Happy 2011, gang! Looking forward to another year of bringing you the highlights—musical and otherwise—of the daily doings around Salt Lake City and beyond. Let's do this.---

I don't know about the rest of you, but the three-day weekend was more exhausting than rejuvenating, thanks to the New Year's Eve festivities and my first damn cold of the new year. But that doesn't mean there aren't reasons to get out of the house tonight.

The main one is Spell Talk, the 2010 City Weekly Music Awards champs who are flourishing during their reign as SLC's favorite go-to rockers. With the next round of CWMAs coming up in just a month, it's a fine time to catch up with the boys formerly known as Naked Eyes. Monday night, they're playing an all-ages gig at Kilby Court with Smile for Diamonds. And keep an eye out for an interview in an upcoming issue of City Weekly catching up with the Ogden natives.

Elsewhere, it's Family Fun Night at the Sprague Library, you can catch the Figurative Perspectives art show at Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, and listen to little ol' me yak about the best music of 2010 on KRCL 90.9 FM's Radioactive program at 6 p.m., along with SLUG mag's Angela Brown and other guests.