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Courting the Mormon Vote in 2011



CNN’s recent faith based predictions for 2011 cites the prediction that Republicans shouldn’t take Mormons for granted if they want their votes for the 2012 presidential election.---

With Republicans talking big after their 2010 siege of the House the establishment certainly hopes that they can build on that success for 2012. But if they just think they can trash on Mormons they better realize it might cost them at the polls, at least so says famous LDS author Orson Scott Card in a recent CNN blog on 11 Faith Based Predictions for 2011.

“We noticed and will not forget Mike Huckabee's viciously anti-Mormon mockery of Mitt Romney during the 2008 campaign,” Card writes, predicting many LDS faithful will abstain from voting for him if he is the candidate again in 2012. “Mormons are the key to Republican victory in many Western swing states; if Huckabee actually wants their votes, he'd better start mending fences now.”

If nothing else, it would seem that the possibility of two LDS presidential contenders—Romney and now Jon Huntsman Jr.-- would also seem to bolster the argument that the GOP better start asking for forgiveness from Mormon voters now and not stop until election day.