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Concert Review: Guster at In the Venue



In the Venue filled early with Guster fans Saturday night. It would appear that playing for well over two decades has not only increased their skill as an artists, but their fan base as well.---

Philadelphia natives Good Old War opened with an acoustic and mellow set. Their sound was on the lighter indie side with hints of folk. Their style was very Iron and Wine or Sufijan Stevens meets Simon and Garfunkel. Especially “That’s Some Dream” which sounded a lot like Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” complete with the lie lie lies.

However, when Guster came on stage the change in energy and the atmosphere was very tangible. From start to finish they played with a contagious and happy enthusiasm. True to his word Rosenworcel and the rest of Guster played stuff from their latest release, Easy Wonderful, the essential crowd pleasers like “Satellite” and “Demons,” but also a few random fillers like “Bury Me.”

Throughout the set all members of the band played musical chairs with their instruments. Drummer Rosenworcel even switched back and forth between two different drum sets. One set he astonishingly played with just his hands. Guster performed 20 songs including a rendition of Billy Joel’s “My Life.” Fans became very excited when they concluded with multiple encores. The single "Happier" was among one of these songs and many shuffled out in a similar state of satisfaction and euphoria. They couldn't help themselves. There's just something about Guster's brand of indie pop that elicits smiles and make you feel good.