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TV DVD Giveaway: Airwolf!


Wanna win a TV DVD set with minimal effort? Of course you do—that’s the ‘Merican way. Today’s freebie: The fourth and final season of the ‘80s classic Airwolf. ---

The 1984-87 series, about a military super-helicopter that somehow sneaks up on bad guys, aired its first three seasons on CBS; Season 4 jumped to cable’s USA with a new cast (craggy Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine were replaced with sexier actors whom you’ve never heard from again) and about half the budget—hell, they didn’t even have access to the actual Airwolf ‘copter and had to make do with recycled flying footage and a cardboard replica for ground shots. Nutshell: If you’re the lucky recipient of this 24-episode DVD set from Universal, it’s going to be worth every penny you pay for it.

Here’s how to win: Be the first to leave a comment below this hi-larious Airwolf Season 4 montage video—it’s just that easy! Stay tuned for more DVD giveaways (of slightly better TV shows) to come …