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Utah Loves Pole



It's a fitness craze based on an occupation where the uniform has traditionally been a G-string and pasties. And now, the center of the pole universe is wholesome, family-values Utah. ---

According to a press release, the three major agencies governing and directing pole fitness -- the workout offshoot of good old, all-American pole dancing -- are now based in Salt Lake City. The Pole Fitness Association, International Pole Sports Federation and Pole Dance International Magazine have banded together, attempting to legitimize the activity/sport in heretofore unimagined ways. On the list of goals: Working with the International Olympic Committee to get pole sports recognized by the 2016 Summer Games.

When the United States shows the world that no one knows how to slink around a pole the way Americans do, Utahans can feel that special tingle of pride (or something) that comes from knowing the effort started right in their own back yard.