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Sundance 2011: 1/25 SLC Best Bet



Look, folks, I'm not gonna sugar-coat it: Your best option tonight may be a movie that's 20 years old. ---

Sure, it's true that people seem to be generally admiring of Troubadours, the documentary about the late '60s/early '70s Southern California folk music scene that gave rise to the likes of James Taylor and Carole King; I haven't had the opportunity yet to see it for myself. Consensus about the U.S. Dramatic Competition entries on tonight's schedule--including Circumstance, The Ledge and Higher Ground--has not been particularly enthusiastic. And the several New Frontier entries may be fine for the particularly adventurous.

But there's also a special screening of Richard Linklater's seminal 1990 ensemble comedy Slacker, from the era when Sundance was just bursting into the popular consciousness as a springboard to cinematic greatness. It's still fresh and funny two decades later, and while Q&As in SLC are never a sure thing, it'd be a terrific opportunity should Linklater join the conversation. As gambles go--and that's true of most of this evening's slate--that's not a bad one.