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In The Loop: 1/29/11. Bboy Movies That Craft Music



Hello to all you documentary watching, seat cramping, refill demanding, movie star gazing, freezing your ass off in fifteen degree weather wait list enthusiasts. So a couple people wrote me and asked why I dislike Sundance and the "Sundance experience". I'm uncertain if I've written this story out before, and I'm too lazy today to go look through the archives, but picture this. Walking down Park City's narrow roads in old town during the 2005 festival, and nearly being run over by a hummer (sponsored by a bottled water company) with a rapper in the truck singing about said water. I got pushed out of the way by a friend into a kiosk, and the hummer... kept on going! Would have run my ass down without a second thought. Without a grand explanation, I think we all know that a truck like that can't get onto the streets at that time of year without approval from Sundance and the city. So by proxy, I nearly got hit and run by Sundance and Park City. Unless I can snag one of the super-access passes that gets you through every back door and avoids the streets... I will not return. Screw you Sundance. Still no update to the 337 Memorial Wall, so hey, here's a random picture of a t-shirt you can currently find at Blonde Grizzly.

--- Moving onto events, the
People's Market is getting a head start this year with their 5th annual Seed Swap event happening tonight. From 6-8PM over at the Mountain Valley Seed Wearhouse, bring your old seeds over and swap them out for stuff you'd like to plant and garden with this year. Even if you have none, show up and they'll give you some to start with. You'd be surprised who is gardening and eating their own food these days. And don't forget to check out the market this summer.

Tomorrow night, if you haven't had your fill of movies this week, the Geek Show Podcast will be throwing another free movie night over at Brewvies. The two films on deck: "Superman IV" and "Batman & Robin". You get to decide which is worse. Come riff on the films “Mystery Science Theater 3000” style, and remember drink specials to match your film selection.


Moving to music, if you haven't already caught on from all the banners around the website, the CWMA's kick off this week over at The W Lounge with out DJ Spinoff. Usually I don't pimp t our own material out heavily because there's several places on here that already do it, but this is a friendly reminder for two reasons. First, we're gonna be taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. And we'd like you to come and take part in that a swe'll most likely show off the best of the bunch. Except for mine, which will come in the standard "blurry but recognizable" fashion. Second... the lineups we have this year are some of the most creative that you'll probably never see again. The DJ showcase, obviously. But take for example the heavy psychedelic of Plastic Furs with the dropkick rock of Fox Van Cleef and the electronica of Cavedoll... one one billing. That's a combo of three major local bands you've never seen prior and probably won't again. If you love music, you will do yourself a disservice missing these shows. Its just $6. Come on out!

Switching to crafts, I'm sure something will be written about it after a two month hiatus from the holidays, but Craft Sabbath makes its return to the Main Library next Sunday with the usual lineup of characters and a few new additions. That thing is getting bigger every month to the point where its damn near ready to take over the entire promenade. Head on over and get your craft on.

Going back to film and music for a bit, KRCL is throwing its own movie night at Brewvies, next Wednesday night for $5 ($7 without KRCL membership) starting at 7PM. Normally I wouldn't promote it because the idea of paying $7 to see a film I could search for on YouTube isn't ideal, but in this particular case you need to watch this film in a theater. Its "Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense". A live concert performance of their best works up to the point it was recorded in 1984. Some of its best moments are David Byrne performing "Psycho Killer" alone, the overdrive jogging during "Burning Down The House", transforming into side project The Tom Tom Club for a song, not to mention one of the best love songs around in "Naive Melody". There was a lot of precision and careful planning that went into this film's creation, from the set to sound, even to coloring the microphones black so they wouldn't stand out, too much to tell you about in a single blog blurb. A DVD copy in a home theater doesn't do it justice, you have to see it in a theater.

And then to close on a bit of dancing, the BBoy Federation Finals officially take place . The best of the best go head-to-head in a championship round at the Murray Boys & Girls Club in two weeks. Four crews will face off for cash and prizes, not to mention a special BBoy 3-on-3 battle currently taking signups for more prizes! Head on over to their website for tickets ($7 in advance, $10 the night of show) or to register for the competition. Should be an %uFFFDawesome event!

As for the blog... we'll chat with a local label that's found indie success, hit up the second half of the theatre season, talk about a milestone for comic books, discuss comics on a local level, check out a photographer and his company, plus coverage of the CWMA's in all their glory and then some. At least that's the plan as I write this, February is usually unpredictable every single year, so as always we'll see what happens.

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