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The Passion of the Tea Partier



I keep forgetting that, to Tea Partiers, TP policies and positions seem perfectly rational. Tea Partiers are serious people, not political clowns here to divert us from the dreary realities of the U.S. two-party system.---

Take, for instance, the recent Trib letter by Holladay "tea party participant" Sandy Thackeray. According to Thackeray, the seemingly extreme behavior of the Tea Party comes not from blind anger, but "passion from a deep love or devotion to beliefs, ideas and expectations [that] can appropriately be clearly and firmly expressed."

Duly noted.

Thackeray differentiates this well-considered Tea Party "passion" from the "inflammatory reactions" of less noble political parties -- particularly Democrats:

This emotional reaction spews forth with rage, indignation or revenge, just as many of us saw during the years George W. Bush was president — all the hate-Bush rallies, bumper stickers, e-mails and organizations funded by wealthy foreigners, such as

Apparently, I missed out -- my anger during the Bush era had mainly to do with his disastrous policies, both foreign and domestic, which plunged us into multiple wars while wrecking the economy. As it turns out, instead of expressing my honest outrage, I could have been cashing big checks from George Soros.

And, speaking of wealthy foreigners meddling in American politics, what's up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? Just wondering.

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