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Lounge Act Thursday: Calm Before the Storm


Tonight might be a decent night to rest up before an eventful weekend (or to recover from the CWMA DJ Spin Off last night), although there's a few things to check out.---

On the literary tip, National Geographic's Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis will give a Damn-it-I-wish-I-had-his-job lecture at the Main Library tonight.

Daniel Day Trio will wow diners at Gracie's with jazz and contemporary pop mash-ups. For a comprehensive list of eating establishments that offer music for the dining experience, read this week's Second Helping article.

If you have just got to move to a groove, the Afro-Brazilian Dance class, presented by Shango Music and Dance and Samba Fogo, seems interesting. Also, Virgin Sophia has a CD release party at Urban Lounge tonight.

Otherwise, get ready for the first round of the CWMA showcases


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