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Montage: First Look


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I spent some time this past weekend taking in the opulence of Montage, the new luxury retreat at Deer Valley's Empire Canyon. Wow. --- So far, my food and drink experiences at Montage have been flawless. And, a nice surprise: I'd expected prices at Montage's high-end restaurant, Apex, to be astronomical. They weren't. In fact, the pricing was in line with most Park City restaurants, and even less expensive than some.

Daly's at Montage is a gastropub and recreation area with flat screen TVs, free Wii games, three bowling lanes, pool, video games (old school and new) and more. It's a great place for kids and adults, alike.

The service at both Daly's and Apex was exceptional, from bussers keeping water glasses filled to excellent wine and table service. Frankly, I was surprised that a place this new could be so completely in sync already. 

Here's are some dishes we enjoyed at Daly's: 

Altlantic cod fish & fries.


Margherita pizza.


Chicken pot pie.


Cheese fondue with homemade pretzels.


From Apex, Montage's signature restaurant:

The "bread" served with dinner is yummy cheese bread -- a big, airy, cheesy gougere, really.


Poulet rouge with homade herbed spaetzle.


I'll be doing a full review of Montage dining soon. Stay tuned.