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CWMA DJ Spin-off Winner: Flash n Flare!



If you weren't at W Lounge Wednesday night for the City Weekly Music Awards DJ Spin-off, well, you missed out.---

The show was a rager from beginning to end, with five DJs manning various turntables and laptops to delight a packed house of dancing, drinking music fans. Ultimately, it was the DJ who performed smack dab in the middle, third slot, DJ Flash n Flare, who proved to be the crowd's favorite when the votes were tallied at the end of the night. His mix of bombastic beats, familiar pop samples and old-school hip-hop like the Wu-Tang Clan proved to be potent. 

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photos by Gavin Sheehan from Gavin's Underground blog

Also contributing outstanding sets were DJ Bentley, Elvis Freshly, DJ NAWM and Roots Rawka; each proved capable of showcasing their own unique talents while also working together to keep the party flowing with nary a break. The night's emcee, Freq-Sho, barely had time to lead a cheer for a DJ leaving the booth or introduce the next before another rowdy round of tunes was off and spinning. It was a great night all around, and all the participating DJs deserve props for being voted into the Top 5 from an original ballot of more than 20. 

Flash n Flare will spin again at the City Weekly Music Awards final showcase Feb. 19 at The Complex, leading a dance party after the three finalist bands play. Consider this a hearty recommend to check him out.