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CWMAs: Cavedoll, Fox Van Cleef, Plastic Furs


The City Weekly Music Awards showcases started Friday night, and the show at Burt's Tiki Lounge was, predictably, a damn fine time. How fine? Let's just say the bar was sufficiently wiped out by the time the last notes were played.---

If memory serves (and it barely does; that's why I take notes), there was only the dregs of a bottle of Jim Beam and a bit of Sailor Jerry's left standing after an evening featuring three distinct bands: the far-ranging pop-rock machine of Cavedoll, the garage-soul vibe of Fox Van Cleef and the psychedelicized explorations of the Plastic Furs.

Cavedoll got things started for what leader Camden Chamberlain kept referring to as the last Cavedoll show, "or maybe second to last." Indeed, he's already off and running with a new multi-media project, Suicycles, but let's hope some of the Cavedoll tunes survive the transition, or return with a future Cavedoll reunion/reconfiguration. No matter what the future of Cavedoll, though, Chamberlain and his cohorts are always worth keeping tabs on, and he's got charisma for days as a frontman.

The crowd filled in nicely during Cavedoll's set, to the benefit of Fox Van Cleef, who hit the stage with the comical (and unusual) chantalong of "I say Chris, you say Buttars!" The increasingly lubed crowd was ready to oblige, too. Fox Van Cleef (pictured) delivered an energetic set that touched on soul and ska along its path; at times they definitely reminded me of old Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

It's at this point in my notes where I jotted down that the bar was "worn out" by the happy imbibers on hand, and before the final band of the night, no less! Thankfully, there were enough shots to go around for the Plastic Furs to throw one down before their set, which veered from slow-building sonic workouts to some jagged rock.