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TV Tonight: The Chicago Code, HIMYM, Being Human


How ‘bout that Super Bowl? I didn’t watch a millisecond; just felt compelled to mention it. I was screening the next four episodes of Big Love, and you won’t believe who’s coming back. No, not dead Roman … ---

What’s new tonight:
The Chicago Code (Fox) Series Debut: If the runaway critical hype actually translates into ratings, The Chicago Code might be the Monday show that finally takes out CBS’ Two & a Half Men—if Charlie Sheen doesn’t do it first. Read all about The Chicago Code in True TV (Item 2).

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Sweeps Stunt-Casting Alert: Reclusive rock star Katy Perry guest-stars tonight as a loopy brunette with big tits. Where does “acting” figure in? She’ll have to pretend to like her date, Ted (Josh Radnor). I know I gave up on that a couple of seasons ago.

Being Human (Syfy) We’re less then two weeks away from the stateside Season 3 premiere of the original British Being Human on BBC America—how’s the ‘Merican remake faring so far? No bad, but considering Syfy sold us on BH-USA diverging significantly from BH-UK’s established storylines, not to mention the general perception that American TV is more action-y, it’s not quite delivering on its initial promise. Also, since I’ve seen the first eps of the British Being Human’s third season currently airing over there (certainly not via torrent, because that would be wrong), I’m more convinced than ever that there was no need to remake it—wait for the original, kids.

Also new tonight:
The Bachelor, Castle (ABC); Rules of Engagement, Two & a Half Men, Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-0 (CBS); Chuck, The Cape, Harry’s Law (NBC); House (Fox); 90210, Gossip Girl (The CW); Greek, Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family); Intervention, Heavy (A&E); Tabitha’s Salon Takeover (Bravo); Cake Boss (TLC); Skins (MTV); Conan (TBS)

Preview: Katy Perry’s eyes are up here on tonight's How I Met Your Mother …

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