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In The Loop: 2/12/11. Robot Singing Over A Non-Holiday



Hello to all you sing-talk listening, trashy clothes making, ghetto fabulous styling, untalented praising enthusiasts. If you haven't caught on by now, Ke$ha is coming to town this coming Friday. You know, that one singer who looks like she put her wardrobe together at DI with Gorilla Glue. That's probably how she fashioned her hair into place too. And yes, we praise Lady Gaga for the same thing, but there's a difference. She has some talent. If you're headed out there then take my advice, go check out the College Humor video about her singing, and then go buy some rubbing alcohol to bathe in after the show. Let's check out, after a two month dry spell, the latest addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.

--- Looking over the events to come, there's this bullshit holiday coming up, that isn't a real one because no one gets paid for it, but you're supposed to celebrate it. I'm not. The closest I'll probably come is Sebadoh & Quasi over at Urban Lounge, if only because it will be followed by the Ted Dancin' Valentines Day Party. If you're looking to just celebrate with Ted, his shows kicks off around 11PM, though we're sure it'll be closer to midnight knowing the way bands usually operate. The show didn't really have one of its usual flyers, so hey, its a picture of Ted and his krew!

Speaking of Urban, they'll be playing host to
SLUG Magazine's 22nd Birthday Party. Every year the monthly mag try to outdo themselves, so considering last year's party broke their legal age with fog bubbles and plenty of tinsel, this year should have something a tad more glorious and rowdy. I expect strippers and sushi, but I'm demanding. In and case the music will include Max Payne & The Groovies, Speitre and DJ Knuckles. Plus there's bound to be several surprises throughout the night. Go celebrate with them!


The following Monday the 21st will see a different kind of art come to town. Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. Three hours of burlesque dancing and real-life sketching will take over Bar Deluxe along with contests and prizes, not to mention featured performances from former Slippery Kittens dancers Miss Lorrie Ann and Mona Moore on stage. Ten bucks at the door.

Following up on Wednesday is a double feature, first kicking off at the Tower Theater where the Radio From Hell Film Festival will take center stage. To be honest, if you haven't started on the film yet, the chances of you finishing by the deadline are slim. But I knwo for a fact that many of you see that as a challenges, so you can get details for submitting a film by clicking this link here. As for the showcase, last year they had live performances and a delicious meal, not to mention an evening of films from listeners and upcoming local filmmakers. Not bad for a $10 ticket, you should check it out.

But if film isn't up your alley then might we suggest the Salt Lake Shitty Show at Bar Deluxe. Essentially, its open mic night for EVERYONE! Comedians, bands, poets, stuntmen, and any other performer of any ilk (who isn't looking for an automatic paycheck) are free to join in the frey! And on top of that they will be filming the showcase for a DVD release, with more plans to do these shows once a month! If you'd like to perform, click their Facebook link here and sign up!

And the to wrap it up we'll go to podcasting. I know many of you are fans of “The Mediocre Show” out of Pennsylvania. Well, they're coming to town to do a live show on March 19
th at Brewvies along side "The Geek Show Podcast". But that's a long trip for three hosts to make here and back over a weekend, which is why there's a Mediocre Fundraiser in the works. On February 26th over at Salt Lake Recording Studios (721 South 400 West) will be a live show featuring The Chickens, Tupelo Moan, Monkey Knife Fight and the Legendary Porch Pounders raising funds to bring them out. $7 donation to get in. If you're a fan of the show, this is a can't-miss event.

As for the blog... we'll have more from the City Weekly Music Awards, check out a new gallery in town, hit up Gallery Stroll for the month, explore two plays on the way and a new convention in town up at the U. At least that's the plan, there's a lot of events and other happenings between now and then. So as always, we'll see what happens.

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