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Concert Review:Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller


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Utah had just gotten used to a warm spell when Mother Nature decided to take a dump, but that didn’t stop fans from wading through the heavy precipitation to catch a glimpse of Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller.---

The baby-faced Kweller strode out on stage in a red, velveteen jacket. He played and engaged the audience for about an hour and regaled listeners with tales of their day off in sin city, and even apologized for what he called, “a froggy voice.” However, it was quite the contrary. Kweller’s voice was just as smooth and melodic as it was when he first started his solo career almost a decade ago. He sang a plethora of newer songs like “Fight,” “Thirteen” and “Sundress.” He also incorporated local talent into his set. Kweller provided guitar accompaniment while Joe Bailey juggled knives on stage. Throughout his performance Kweller switched back and forth between piano and guitar effortlessly. Although he is a one-man-band he has the energy and robust sound of a five piece ensemble. Ben Kweller closed with (to many fans satisfaction) “Penny on a Train Track.”

Yorn also did a credible job. He played a set that was a mix off his latest self-titled release, Pete Yorn and some older ones like “Life on a Chain,” and “Just Another.” Yorn also did a beautiful cover of a Jeff Buckley song. Throughout his set images of birds and other things were projected on a screen behind him. However,for all of his finesse Yorn lacked the passion and sincerity that Ben Kweller seems to have in droves. There were a few times in his performance that were decidedly boring and where the crowd almost seemed to be asleep.

Like usual The Depot's acoustics were remarkably good. For only their second destination both artists performed exceptionally well. Nevertheless, it was Kweller who stole the show and countless ladies hearts.