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Documentary on KRCL and UtahFM: All the Radio We Need?


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A new documentary details the controversial changes at KRCL in 2008, which lead to the formation of UtahFM, an Internet radio station carrying the banner of "community radio."---

The doc' pulls together voices both supportive and critical of KRCL's so-called "corporate makeover," a label City Weekly used in the 2008 cover story "Dead Air" to describe KRCL's then-new strategy, which lead to the firing of many of the station's volunteer DJs that were replaced by paid staff. In the documentary, All the Radio We Need?, (a play on KRCL's tagline "All the radio you need") KRCL founder Stephen Holbrook calls the "corporate makeover" label "just nonsense."

But is it? Depends on what one means by "corporate" and "community" and what those words mean to radio stations.

Watch the documentary and decide for yourself.

All the Radio We Need? Finding a home for community radio in Salt Lake City from Pax Rasmussen on Vimeo.

I asked KRCL's interim general managers if they wanted to comment on the documentary, and they declined.

For more information on UtahFM, go to

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